A quick summary of what I'm working on, what is already working and a little bit about what I'm trying to get done.


My Movies  My favicon

Visualize a given kodi database. Displaying movies, collections and a home screen.
Lesson learned: Now as a platform has a great DX and works pretty good so far.

Live (2.43.7) My Movies

cats-react  Cats favicon

A rewrite of the original cats web-app, because the sdk-version is deprecated.
Lesson learned: Using Firebase and their 3-way binding with react-redux worked again very well.

Live (1.6.1) Cats

My Diet  My Diet Favicon

A visual presentation of my diet.
Lesson learned: With the Gitlab integration Vercel even became the CD solution for this project, no configuration needed.

Live (1.4.0) My Diet


Signal  Signal favicon

Wearable Notifications
PR: #3010$11.02USD

QuickContact in GroupMembersDialog
PR: #3033$10.60USD

Wearable reply
PR: #3244$9.02USD

Lesson learned: So great to even be rewared with Bitcoins. Thanks to OpenWhipserSystems very own Bithub.


README clarifications
PR: #47

Lesson learned: Feels good to give at least something back, even if it is only README clarifications.


absolute version dependencies
PR: #39

Lesson learned: Great example for an OSS project getting feature richer by contributions.



Generates common css file for all passed html-pages and rewrites them to include that css-file (via usemin blocks). Greatly reduces the css footprint of bootstrap-based homepages.
Lesson learned: Node.js and npm are a great combination to create, distribute and use small modules of software.

1.1.1 crunch-css


Generates information about the object database of a given git-repository. Most likely only usefull for teaching purposes.
Lesson learned: Once you go async, nothing behaves like you naively thought it would. Combined with global state, you are in race condition hell. Get out: use promises consistently.

0.8.0 gitviz


A command-line tool to remote control your kodi installation. Included in my i3-config, I'm able to quickly pause movies from my laptop.
Lesson learned: Tested Crockfords style of writing JS with this project. Didn't improve the projects code wildly, but might have been to small of a project to see big improvements.

0.1.1 kodiremote


Get all object-ids from a git repository.
Lesson learned: Feels good to create a small reuseable module.

1.0.0 git-objectids



Building the game engine in Rust, and trying to build (web)apps based on it. So far started with 2048-wasm, deployed: beta-2048,
Lesson learned: Catering for the most simplistic data type on the outer interface, made us lose focus on using only wrapped primitives.

0.1.0 engine-2048-rs


Automatically generated hello_world example (by cargo init), playground around binary size, link-time optimization, multi-platform, docker and image size.
Lesson learned: Fun to play around with a compiled language again. Creating docker images from scratch, etc.

0.4.0 hello_world


Small cli tool, to add new customers to the "backend" of our Häfner Technology GbR. Neat little tool to solve a real problem in Rust.
Lesson learned: It takes a while to get on the same level again, especially when switching from a lax language (JS) to a strict one (Rust).

0.5.1 add-customer


Part of the 3D-Printing community. Go have a look HERE.



After moving all my computers to Linux I felt the need to have the same look and feel on all the systems. I googled „dotfiles” and found a whole universe around them on github. After choosing one and adding some features (Zero Prerequisites, Automatic update, etc.) I published my own dotfiles repo.
Lesson learned: Keeping all your config-files in sync really makes it a lot easier/faster and more comfortable to use your systems. It also gives you a great headstart after a fresh OS installation.

Evolving Dotfiles


SolarGbR  SolarGbR favicon

Tiny little website to show statistics about how much energy is produced. Second try with the Twitter-Bootstrap CSS-Framework. Still pretty happy with how easy it is to get nice and responsive designs.
Lesson learned: The generic grid is quite itchy when your content isn't fitting coincidentally.

Live SolarGbR


Website for a small site project of mine. First landing page I ever did. Also first shot at handling a hero banner image, so focus part stays visible.
Lesson learned: Harder then expected to boil information about a project down to the bare minimum (e.g. three product features).

Live(1.4) hARTware

Tri-Moraine Audubon Society

Small website for a local branch of the Audubon Society from a friend of mine. Rewrite with focus on responsive design.
Lesson learned: Again a pleasant developer experiencing provided by Bootstrap. Very helpful in getting a basic, modern, responsive website.

Live Tri-Moraine Audubon