Ultimaker 2


HDD Cable Holder

The new usb type c external ssd has an adapter cable which should always be with it.
Lesson learned: Pretty nifty to fix small issues with your 3d printer and a ruber band.
Black (1) Patrovite

HDD Cable Holder

Another round of pokemons, can't get enough.
Lesson learned: When it comes to very small layers (here: Pokemon ears) set minimal layer time to about 30s. Increases print quality.
Red (2) Blue (2) Yellow (2) Green (2) Flowalistik

Butterfly Comb

Cool idea and first print which had to be assembled.
Lesson learned: When model creators don't pay attention to scale, it's quite a painfull trail and error to fit multiple parts together.
PLA Red (1) Black (2) Joseph Shu

Butterfly Comb
Wooden Ring

First print with "wooden" filament: about 30% recycled woodfibres and 70% PLA.
Lesson learned: Woodfill needs to be printed fast and not to hot. Colorfab has helpfull "Tips&Tricks".
Woodfill Woodfill (1)

Wooden Ring
Pebble Charger

I forgot my charger cable at home, so I needed a new way to charge my Pebble.
Lesson learned: Good design, nevertheless tricky to assemble, but works great.
PLA White (1) zeq

Pebble Charger
Bow tie

Nice design for a 3d-printed bow tie. Another part to boost you geek bonus.
Lesson learned: Hard print, much post-work needed, but looks great in the end.
PLA Blue (1) CesareCacitti

Bow tie
HTC One (M7) Landscape Dock

To show a video from my phone to a group of friends I needed a landscape dock.
Lesson learned: Very great 3d-printing-ready design, absolutely no post-work needed.
PLA Blue (1) Benni

HTC One Landscape Dock

Second try on the karambit knife.
Lesson learned: Gluing parts together, polishing them with sandpaper and coloring, all works great with PLA-printed stuff.
PLA Yellow (1) Geoffro

Christmastree Star

Nice, Mario-themed, christmas decoration. Instant +5 geek bonus.
Lesson learned: Bright colors, like yellow, need a thicker shell to not reveal their infill structure.
PLA Yellow (1) knape

Christmas Tree Star
Guitarpick Holder

A little christmas-gift for a guitar-playing friend.
Lesson learned: A combination between firmware-upgrade, higher spring pressure (material feeder) and higher temperature made for a smooth print.
PLA Red (1) robonut

Guitarpick Holder

After giving away all our chains (great gifts to show off 3D-Printer capabilities), we needed new ones.
Lesson learned: The raft by Cura sucks. It sticks way to hard to the modell. Makerbot's raft is better.
PLA Yellow (1)

Cuddling Owls

As the first overnight test-print, we choose this Cuddling Owls modell.
Lesson learned: As a first hotfix, printing at 80% speed worked out nicely.
PLA Blue (1) mooses

Cuddling Owls

In the need for a small (~1h) print to further test the Ultimaker we chose to print this stylish eggcup.
Lesson learned: In it's current state Ultimaker can't print on 100% speed, fix is underway.
PLA Blue (1) gregoware


First print (from the included sd-card) is "Earring".
Lesson learned: Heated printplate is great: After cool-down modell comes right of, no scratching required. Makes it much easier.
PLA Blue (3) Yellow (1) Red (1) anja



In Progress  Working on getting together with Büro für Architektur to print models of houses for their customers. Those models are supposed to help their customers better imagine the discussed prototype in the desgin phase.

Own Models

Will be published here first and after they haven proven themself to work also on chr1shaefn3r@youmagine and chr1shaefn3r@thingiverse

Fairphone2 Landscape Dock

After buying a Fairphone2 and not having a Landscape-Dock on the desk, I realized how much I enjoyed Beni's HTC One Dock. So I helped myself and created this model.
Lesson learned: Its exponentially harder to make this for the Fairphone2 because the keys and camera stands out.

Released  Fairphone2 Landscape Dock (FreeCAD)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Creative Commons License.

Fairphone2 Landscape Dock
Fairphone2 Car Dock

First draft finished.
Lesson learned: The devil is in the detail, which you only realize when you do it yourself.

Work-In-Progress (V2)  Fairphone2 Car Dock

Fairphone2 Landscape Dock
Fairphone2 Model

Model of the Fairphone2.
Lesson learned: Really helpful to start with a body model and use that for the accessoires.

Work-In-Progress  Fairphone2